Oriental and area rugs can be an expensive investment and require proper care and maintenance to stay in their best possible condition. With our multi-step process, we can provide a thorough and intensive cleaning to restore its beauty. This process begins with the removal of dry soil, which can be caught deep in the fibers and in the backing of the rug. Our badger machine uses highly focused vibrations to shake out all loose dirt and debris, followed by a thourough rotary shampoo, and hot water extraction to clean and refresh the fibers. The rug is then hung to fully dry in our facility before it is rolled up, wrapped in plastic and ready to return to your home.

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Description $/sq. ft 3x5 4x6 5x8 6x9 8x10 9x12 10x14 12x15
30% Discount Customer Drop-off $1.65 25.00 39.00 66.00 89.00 132.00 178.00 231.00 297.00
Pickup & Delivery $2.35 35.00 56.00 94.00 127.00 188.00 254.00 329.00 423.00
30% Discount Customer Drop-off $1.99 30.00 48.00 80.00 107.00 159.00 215.00 279.00 358.00
Pickup & Delivery $2.85 43.00 68.00 114.00 154.00 228.00 308.00 399.00 513.00
30% Discount Customer Drop-off $2.49 37.00 60.00 100.00 134.00 199.00 269.00 349.00 448.00
Pickup & Delivery $3.55 53.00 85.00 142.00 192.00 284.00 383.00 497.00 639.00
- Minimum- Pickup & Delivery: $90.00
- Minimum Area Rug Charge: $25.00
*Braided and Dhurrie rugs are priced at 1.5x cost/sq.ft.


AREA RUG PADS - Pricing Includes Tax
Description 3x5 4x6 5x8 6x9 8x10 9x12 10x14 12x15
Super Stop Carpet Pad 14 22 36 49 72 94 125 161



Urine Pre-Treatment (UPT) is an enzyme treatment used to dissolve the salts found in urine, which stops the production of the ammonia gasses that cause odors. Depending on your needs, we may use a topical spray, which will clear up spot-based accidents, or we will use a full-submersion bath to remove any heavily urine-saturated rugs. This bath will take care of both the inner rug fibers, as well as the backing of the rug. Please note that if an animal urinates on your rug and we do not use the UPT, it is more likely that the animal will smell its own scent and go on or around that area again.

Antimicrobial treatment

Using a powerful cleaning agent, Antimicrobial Treatment kills any harmful microorganisms that could be living in your rug. It is most commonly used after a flood to prevent mold from growing or subside its current growth, but it is also used to kill common household germs, fungi, and mildew.


Shield your area rug against any spills or stains with our Scotchgard protective finisher. When applied to your rug, this water-repellent protectant causes any spills to bead at the surface rather than get absorbed into the rug. If you’ve received our Scotchgard finish in the past, it will need to be reapplied after your next cleaning.

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